Historical and Cultural Collection

It was estabilished immediately after the museum´s foundation along with all other collections in this institution. For the past 50 years its exhibits have been collected through donations, repurchasing, and transfers from similar institutions. It contains various written and material documents about the development of the town and the surrounding area from the 13th up to the 20th century. Unfortunately , the exhibits form the Middle Ages and the Osmanii period are rare, whereas documents from the then following centuries are abundant. Certainly, the most important part of this collection dates from the second half of the 19th and the 20 century when Đakovo definetely developes as a commercial and trade centre still closely connected to its rural neighbourhood. The collection contains weapons, documents and various items belonging to sport and art clubs, stylized ornaments and jewelry, bills, certificates, flags ,guild drawers, seals/stamps , etc.

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