Aside from gathering, protecting and interpreting the material, one of the main tasks of the Museum is also to present the material and cultural phenomenon which we are occupied with. Bearing this in mind, and with the help of the Internet tools, we are trying to bring our activities closer to a wider audience.

The map of archaeological sites in the Đakovo Region.
The overview of all archaeological sites from the area of Đakovo Region which have been recorded up until now, and there are currently more than a hundred of them, is an innovative approach to presenting the results of archaeological research. Every site has been complemented through information from the recent literature, and it can all be found in the available Google Maps. An interactive map of archaeological sites in the Đakovo Region has been designed so that we could, in a virtual environment, offer to the public a systematized database of archaeological richness found in the area which we deal with.

How to use the map?
The already explored sites are marked by a blue icon on the map, and the red icon marks the ones from which only the archaeological material was gathered. By clicking on a particular site, an informative frame opens up containing a picture, short description, level of protection and the overview of literature in which there is mention of the site.

The map is still under construction and we are upgrading and complementing it on a daily basis. If you have any comments, suggestions or additions, please contact the author of the project, Jelena Boras via e-mail:

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