An experiment using intaglio techniques – Exhibition by Ana Beljan
Krunislav Stojanovski’s 20 years of painting
Museum in a pot
Exhibition by Mirna Petrović
Exhibition by Dajana Karas
Exhibition by Kristina Marić
Exhibition on the occasion of the Strossmayer Jubilee
Group exhibition by A. Beljan, H. Duvnjak, D. Karas, K. Marić i M. Petrović

Reflections of a State – exhibition of paintings by Petra Balekić
Through play to the Green– exhibition of works by Dora Tomić
Art legacy of the family Pejačević
Legacy of the Bishop J.J.Strossmayer
Cultural assets in the rewarded graphics by students of primary school from Josipovac
Joy of the Colours – exhibition of paintings by Vesna Sokolić
Teaching materials and aids in private schools of Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cros

The Signs which I have… – Exhibition by Josip Brandis
Moving of the pattern – Exhibition by Marija Adrić
Cultural heritage of Gorjani presented through the students’ artworks
Exhibition of of items donated by Zvonko Benašić
Strossmayer and the musicians
Concentration Camp Đakovo
Đakovo and Đakovo Region in the First World War

Đakovo rock scene from the middle of the1960s till the end of the 1970s
Codes of reality (Exhibition by Zrinka Vinković Kralj, Matija Kralj and Sanjin Vinković)
Contemporary Croatian graphic art – questioning of a medium
Strossmayer and the artists, influence and support
Craftsmen’s products as an integral part of traditional clothes in the Đakovo Region
Industrial heritage of Eastern Croatia
Dvoje leglo, troje osvanilo  (Two went to bed, three arose)

Ecological workshop – From Tadijanović to fashion show
Acquisittions of Art Collections from the Museum of Đakovština
140th Anniversary of the Voluntary Fire Brigade in Đakovo
Josip Kaniža – Paste/Copy, exhibition of paintings
Hey you, the Village of Perkovci, both, Old and New…
Exihibition of Stamp collections
Hand made parts of traditional costumes of Ljelje-dancers or queens from the village of Gorjani
Liturgical clothes/chasubles from the collections of the Museum of Arts and Handicraft

Slavonian spirit – Exhibition of photographs by Mario Šulina
Vladimir Filakovac – A small retrospective
So far so good – Exhibition of paintings by Drazen Budimir
Vesna Kolobarić – Exhibition of reliefs
Marija Adrić – Challenging Traditional Expectations, exhibition of paintings
Ivan Germovšek – Pig slaughter, exhibition of paintings
Branka Uzelac – Guide to the permanent exhibition of the Museum of surrounding area of Djakovo – Ethnic division

Mountains, people, roads – Exhibition of photographs by Miro Lay
Labin’s boom of visual arts
Little guardians of the treasures of the museum
Exhibition of Traditional Clothes of Baranja County (from the collection of the Ethnographic Museum in Split)
Seven decades of Djakovo posters and leaflets
From the peaceful revolution to German unification
Grapes and wine as signs of God’s blessings

Kruno Rac – Photo Exhibition
21. Slavonian bienalle – Award-winning works
Postmodern painting by Croatian Artists
Đakovo first photographers
Gorjanske Ljelje as artistic inspiration
Starter – exhibition of the first generation of graduates from Arts Academy in Osijek
Exhibition of comics by Ivica Bednjanec
Tradition Towels of Đakovo-region

Paintings by Ratko Žaje
Presented in a new way (Balekić, Gašparovski, Kakaš, Popović)
Paintings by Željko Mucko
The Contemporaty in the Traditional – Civil dress with traditional elements
Autochthonous Croatian art as a contribution to European poetics
Exhibition of Paintings by Helmut Gross
A hundred years od football in Đakovo
Josipovac, Slovak village in Đakovština

Photographs by Mario Šulina
Photo-Haigi by Silvija Butković
Photographs by Stjepan Jozić
Religious motifs in modern Croatian paintings
Jewelry through history
A small retrospective of Ivan Domac
Old memorials from Đakovo

Paintings by Virgilije Nevjestić
Paintings by Sanja Rešček
From Austria to Croatia (Presentation of drawings and photographs)
Exhibition about Vladimir Prebeg
Permanent display of historical and cultural collection
55 years of FKK (amateur photographers´ club) Đakovo
Early Christian golden-platred glass from Štrbinci near Đakovo ( in co-operation with the Stjepan Gruber Museum in Županja)
Photographs by Ivan Čačić
Documents threatened by war destruction
Exhibition of towels
Paintings by Marko Živković
Paintings by Ivan Germovšek “Life is a Song”

«Hrvatski Sokol Đakovo» (Croatian Eagle- a club from Đakovo)
19th Bienniale of Slavonia
Donated paintings– old masters´ paintings donated to bishop Strossmayer
Exhibition of old postcards from Đakovo
Opening of the permanent ethnological display
Retrospective of sculptures by Miroslav Benaković
“101 Lippizaner Horse” – sculptures by Hrvoje Dumančić

Photographs by Krunoslav Rac
Croatian Aristocracy in Slowakia
Photographs by Zoran Filipović, promotion of the book written by Zoran Filipović
Paintings and sculptures «Life- land»
Paintings by Hrvoje Duvnjak
«Under the Rakes´ Cross»
A retrospective of paintings by Ivan Tišov
Pfotographs by Andrej Car
Traditional hair-styling and head covers in Đakovština-area

Photographs by Marko Ferger
«Accede ad Certissiam»
A retrospective by Ljudevit Šestić
Paintings and Fine Art created by children
«Milko Cepelić – To Mark His 150-th Birth-Anniversary»

»The Keepers of the Cultural Property»
Water colours by Predrag Goll
Paintings by Tihomir Lončar

Selected items from the Patriotic War Collection

Paintings by E. M. Kužina

A Retrospective by Slavko Tomerlin
«Accede ad Certissiam»

Traditional Craftsmanship and Handicraft—The Entity of Croatian Volk Art

Paintings by Josip Zanki
Paintings by Nelida Kos-Kalanj

Paintings by Goran Petrač
Works by the Group of artists called « Traces and Footsteps»
Paintings by Dragan Milošević
Paintings by amateur painters from Đakovo

»As Long As There´s Bread On Your Table, To Please Your Your Guests- You Will Be Able
Craotian Borders on the Maps, dating from the 16th up to the 20th century

Stocks and shares
Merry Christmas to You- People of Good Will
Lierature and Comics

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